What is Powerboat Racing?

Powerboat racing is the ultimate extreme sport.

Sport Racing

F1 Powerboat

racing is the most spectacular watersport in the world. It has been described as driving the F1 race car at full speed over a ploughed field.

Impressive as this is by itself, they compete at these speeds without the use of brakes or gears

F3000 Powerboat

Over the last three decades, F3000 Powerboats have attracted a worldwide audience of millions WITH SPETACULAR MOST 220KM/H

Formula Indy

5 Litre hydroplanes ("E" boats) race to speeds of 127 mph, ulimited 350 Chevrolet and 302 Ford V-8 engines and make curves in Drift


Learning in sport can last a lifetime and prepare you for the greatest challenges that will arise.

His career was full of challenges. With tireless effort, he won titles and victories in yachting, motorcycle speed, powerboating, among other sports, always with a lot of dedication and focus.

With a bold driving style and impressive speed, he won his first world title in 2018. It was a historic and emotional victory, which marked the beginning of an even greater journey.

Lebos Chaguri continues facing new challenges and inspiring others to never give up on their dreams. His story is a true lesson in perseverance, resilience and spirituality.